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University Partners

In order to make our programs more accessible to students, Africa Internship Academy strives to build relationships with Senior High Schools and universities across Africa. Higher Educational Institutions which partner with our program can take advantage of our expertise and local knowledge.
We have long standing relationships with Business Communities and facilitators (both local and international) thus Internship needs as part of Higher Education academic requirements can be smoothly run by AIA.

Academic Credit

Many universities in Africa require that students complete an Internship module (Work Integrated Learning) as part of their degree course in order to graduate. We are expertly familiar with Work Integrated Learning techniques. We assist students who go through Africa Internship Academy to meet and exceed these requirements and have an additional edge over their peers.

Reasons to consider partnering with Africa Internship Academy

Corporate Benefits

  • Building a program from the ground up requires time, effort, planning and monitoring. You can easily outsource your entry-level and internship training to AIA so that you concentrate on your core duties.
  • Having us handle your Corporate training needs brings a professional, inclusive and diverse advantage to your training programs.
  • As a potential partner we provide expertise, commitment and willingness to engage.
  • Our program staff and local knowledge ensures clear lines of communication in various cities in Africa

University Benefits

  • Appeal of degrees to prospective students
  • Increase in employability and outbound mobility to Africa university students
  • Preparation of students for success in a globalized world
  • Connect with university’s alumni community in Africa
  • Soft profiling of university brand across Africa

Student Benefits

  • Practical application of theoretical knowledge
  • Personal and professional development
  • First-hand experience of business and culture across Africa
  • Employability/differentiation in home country and internationally
  • Potential future employment with international companies across Africa

Learning Outcomes

Africa Internship Academy values a holistic program model that fosters student learning & development. We emphasize on a global understanding for all our interns in order to further cross-cultural communication and professional development. By participating in our Africa Internship Program, students have the opportunity to acquire a greater depth of understanding and experience in these areas:

  • Develop professional skills valuable towards career employability
  • Prepare students to be global citizens dedicated to social responsibility
  • Expansion of social and professional network
  • Opportunity to implement course work in a professional setting

We are always looking to establish new relationships and we can create a program unique to your university, delivering our on the ground expertise in Ghana. Contact our team today to find out more!