Q1. Do I like or have a concern for young people?

If you have made it this far in considering the idea of mentoring, most likely there is a place in your heart for young people.

Q2. Do I need some clarification on what a mentor is?

A mentor is a trusted friend, an advisor and sometimes a teacher. A mentor is someone who listens when everyone else talks. A mentor is someone who very simply shares his/her life with another person.

Q3. Am I willing to carve out some time in my life to be a mentor?

Mentoring is about building a relationship and investing your time and life into someone else. Under, AIA Mentoring Program, is a network where we match young people with a mentor based on their career and life aspirations. Our mentors suggest time suitable to them and besides all connections can either be physical or virtual. Most likely you will be able to find a program to fit your life and schedule.

Q4. Am I willing to share my life's story and experiences?

Mentoring relationships are about walking together through life, its joys and struggles, but in the natural flow of friendship and building trust. Mentoring a young person is more about them than you. Sharing some of your life lessons at the right time will be important for your mentee.

Q5. Is my age a barrier to mentoring?

Am I too old?
Many of the best mentors are those who are more mature and stable. They have lived life and have much to share with a younger person. Your maturity is a strength and benefit to young person.
Am I too young?
AIA Mentorship Program requires you to be 25 years old. If you are younger than 25, try getting a mentor for yourself. This will provide good practice in your mentoring journey in the future.

Q6. Am I nervous about a being a mentor?

Fear of stepping out of our comfort zones is natural. Not going forward because of fear will only rob you and your potential mentee of what life would have for both. The AIA team is here to assist, guide and direct you as you begin this journey to influence the life of another human being

Q7. Am I concerned I might not relate to my mentor match?

Most young people are not wanting or needing you to be like their friends. You don’t have to dress like them or listen to the same type of music. You just have to really care about them as a person. AIA will give you some training to prepare you and grow as a mentor.

Q8. Do I have an idea what I will do as a mentor?

Mentors spend time with their young person doing a variety of things. It could include academic tutoring, maybe a TEDx event together or even just having a coke and talking about life.

Q9. Am I concerned about how long of a commitment I will have to make?

Time commitments usually range from 6 months to 1 year. Experience has shown that a commitment of one year is usually more beneficial to the student and the mentor. You may find that after the time commitment expires you will want to continue your mentoring relationship either formally or informally.

Q10. Will I be paid for mentoring a young in my community?

No. All mentors offer their time for FREE to benefit young people in their community.