Agripreneur Program | Africa Internship Academy

AIA Agripreneur Program

Our aim is to encourage and equip the African youth with the requisite practical skills in Agriculture and Agribusiness and to let them see Agriculture as a viable business entity.

The Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program raises aspirations of young people and also support the growth of competitive agro-processing enterprises by advancing innovation in products, processes, and business models. Africa Internship Academy aims to offer its training program - including the agribusiness entrepreneurship - to as many young people across Africa to help reduce unemployment on the continent.

Below outline the modules of AIA Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program:
  • Module 1: Agriculture
  • Module 3: Agriculture Financial Services
  • Module 5: Modern Agriculture Methods
  • Module 7: Agriculture Value Chain (AgVC)
  • Module 9: Access to Green jobs
  • Module 11: Agriculture policy
  • Module 13: Confidence for Agripreneurs
  • Module 2: Access to Land
  • Module 4: SMART/Climate Resilience Agriculture
  • Module 6: Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs)
  • Module 8: Agribusiness
  • Module 10: Access to Markets
  • Module 12: Agriculture Insurance
  • Module 14: Experiential Learning Methods