Who We Are

Africa Internship Academy a youth employment accelerator in Ghana, is a self-sustaining social enterprise that trains higher education students and graduates to gain entrepreneurial and employability skills: and proceeds to assign mentors to them: and connect them to employers looking for entry-level talents. Read More

What we do

Because we recruit candidates from across Africa, AIA cultivates a talent pool of diverse backgrounds and cultures that our network of companies can access to enhance their diversity recruitment and inclusion strategies. There are 4 main components of AIA:

Why It Matters

Interns have the opportunity to overcome employment barriers and jump-start their careers, while employers ensure their workforce progression now, and for years to come.

Our Vision

To reduce the rate of unemployment on the continent by grooming young talents as change agents transforming society. To offer a unique opportunity for future leaders, influencers, and decision-makers from all over Africa to be groomed professionally, network extensively, experience workplace culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the heavy weights in their chosen industries.

Components of AIA

Working with employers to understand entry-level staff needs and to agree on a placement pipeline from AIA.

Screening and assessment methodology to scientifically match candidates to suitable opportunities, based on their potential, behavioral fit, area and competence.

Providing tools and behaviours to help participants succeed in the world of work. These include the basics of work life, time management, communication skills, problem solving skills, computer skills and budgeting.

Includes a range of employment, work and learning opportunities, such as arranging interviews with AIA host companies across Africa.

Providing mentorship to youth who initially missed the industry threshold criteria because of low entrance-assessment scores.

As candidates transition into the world of work, AIA monitors retention and works with employers to improve likelihood of candidates’ success, retention and progression.